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URBANTARZAN has been captivated by animals and wildlife ever since he was a small boy.  He grew up in New York, just a few miles from the Bronx Zoo and spent many a day mesmerized  for hours at each exhibit, no matter what the species of animal.  Deep in his heart he felt that one day he would one day fulfill his passion in life and work with exotic animals.

URBANTARZAN turned his passion for animals into a career, and for the past 20 years he has worked as a trainer, animal wrangler and consultant with some of the biggest names in television and film.  During that time he has built a reputation for being an extremely capable trainer and handler.

He is fearless and lives an exciting and dangerous life, often risking his own life to save the people and animals he works with from injury and death.  From catching feral wild cats in the basement of the five story tenement he lived in as kid, to wrestling a 25ft 250lb Reticulated Python on national television, alongside the late great Steve Irwin the "CROCODILE HUNTER", URBANTARZAN has seen it all.

He is known as "URBANTARZAN" because of his unique connection with, and uncanny ability to handle and interact with dangerous animals. Working predominately in the concrete jungle "NEW YORK CITY",  URBANTARZAN's skill, one of kind approach and look, have landed him some great work in the entertainment industry: