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His name really is URBANTARZAN
Watch URBANTARZAN every Tuesday at 10:30 PM ET/PT on SPIKE TV.  The new original series follows the country’s preeminent extreme animal handler, URBANTARZAN.
Monkey Business

A monkey steals an expensive shoe from a very big donor at a temple and, well...goes bananas.
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?   

A wolf is snacking on the buried remains of a couple's beloved dog in their backyard. Can URBANTARZAN and Caveman successfully cage this deadly predator?
Ostrich In A Supermarket

A supermarket owner thinks it's a clever idea to have an ostrich outside caged because it'll bring in business. The only thing this big bird's bringing in is chaos.
The Rock Star Of Animal Rescue

You know the deal, bro. URBANTARZAN and Caveman are the rock stars of the animal rescue business.
URBANTARZAN has extensive experience working with Exotic and Domestic animals alike in all media platforms including film/television/print etc. as well as professional, discreet and safe animal/wildlife removal services.

As an animal advocate and as part of his animal removal business, he is called in to save a variety of animals that find themselves in precarious situations. These exotic, domestic, indigenous and often potentially dangerous animals have found their way into the Urban Jungle.  Whether invited, invading or simply curious, these animals find their way into urban areas, often kept as pets, without proper habitat, food, climate etc. and are kept captive in unsuitable enclosures - which typically means they will always try and often do, escape.  In other situations, an indigenous animal, whose habitat has been overrun by humans, ends up in a back yard of a now residential area, causing potential danger to the residents, meaning ultimate danger for the animals.  URBANTARZAN overlooks the potential danger he faces to preserve the welfare and wellbeing of these animals, often some of the most dangerous, unusual and exotic animals in the world.   His bodily scars tell tales of being scratched, kicked, trampled and bitten by the most exotic and ferocious animals on the planet. 

If the animal is to be kept in the urban environment, URBANTARZAN will help the owner provide a suitable habitat and will educate them on diet, exercise, social and other needs to ensure the animal is healthy and happy.    Safety will be the number one factor when determining a resolution and if there is a chance the animal could pose a danger to the owner or other people, the animal may be taken to a suitable sanctuary or zoo, properly equip to care for a wild animal, where an attempt has been to "domesticate" the animal meaning it is no longer able to survive in the wild, hunt for food etc.
If the animal is truly still wild, the likely outcome will be that Urban Tarzan will return the animal to its natural habitat.

Whether he is dealing with a near-death experience from a King Cobra bite or saving an exotic cat and its owner from potential harm, his passion and love for the animal world is his driving force."